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Ana Maria Stoica MD Functional Medicine
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Human body: an optimally functioning mechanism

Functional medicine is a medical field based on science, different from what it is known about conventional medicine or the standard healthcare system. The approach of functional medicine towards health is based on conceptualizing health and health conditions as part of a bigger mechanism in which all components of the human biological system dynamically interfere with the environment, producing patterns and effects that change over time. If you have ever wanted to find harmony of your body, mind and soul, to understand what is happening inside you and why your symptoms have never been improved, no matter what medicine or treatment you have tried, I confirm that all these are possible.

Way of working

Functional medicine investigates the root causes of the health condition using an approach
focused on the entire body, and creating a therapeutic partnership between the patient and the doctor.


The first functional medical visit based on knowing the patient in detail.


Conventional laboratory tests and specific functional medicine tests

Individualized plan

Individualized nutrition plan, nutritional supplements and medicines, based on the results of the assessment and tests


Constant check of the patient condition and health plan adjustment

People are unique and there is no universal remedy that can work for everyone. As certified practitioner in functional medicine, I believe that each person has to be treated individually, as a whole, based on their lifestyle, personal medical history, diet and external factors that affect the environment. Simply addressing a set of symptoms is not sufficient.


The success of the partnership between the patient and the functional medical specialist is based on the constant feedback from the patient

Doctor Stoica changed my life. One can say this about very few people in a lifetime, but the pure and not-romanced reality is that my life is divided into "before" and "after" what I found the doctor. As a patient with several chronic problems, some of them uncertain, that I was carrying with me more than ten years, from doctor to doctor, it was reassuring to finally find a DIFFERENT doctor. A doctor who has the patience to study my tests one by one, to make connections, parallels, links, and look at the human body as a whole, with patience and total carefulness. Diana C., 37 y.o.

When I arrived at doctor Stoica, I was a patient exhausted by the entire process of visiting doctor after doctor and with a deep despair about the medical act itself. Physically, I was as exhausted, completely devoid of energy, with very bad blood tests and a general poor condition. I would even say that I was close to depression, because I felt no way out of the multitude of problems gathered over time.
At our first visit I said that “I know I will never fully heal anyway” and that “there are no solutions,” so I was not a comfortable patient. However, with patience and carefulness, doctor Stoica has rebuilt my health over these years, studying my problems one by one and approaching them like unscrambling a ball of knotted thread. Knot by knot, thread by thread. It was a thorough process, but we were a team. She is the first and only doctor whom I really felt to be on my side and fight together with me.
Doctor Stoica is an extraordinary medic, and I reiterate that she is the only one that the “long term” patient like me having passed through dozens of clinics would ever recommend with an open heart! She is a doctor, but first of all, SHE IS A VERY SPECIAL PERSON, and that makes all the difference.

After many years of searching for answers regarding unexplainable symptoms, I finally found doctor Stoica. I was fighting with chronic fatigue, burn out, muscular pain, abdominal pain, constipation, anxiety, chronic stress, and I could not understand the cause, because the basic blood tests did not show anything abnormal. I was impressed by the doctor's patience, the way she puts the puzzle pieces together to find out the cause of these symptoms. And I finally got a response, a treatment and a complete change of diet. Frankly, at first I found it difficult to cook my meals, to run after the ingredients, it simply seemed impossible. Ana R., 34 y.o.

I started in November 2020 and the hard part was the diet, with so many temptations, but I understood that the benefits on long term really deserve the effort. I tested many supplements for leaky gut, pain, etc., and I also started to see the benefits. I’m no longer constipated, which is new to me. I have moooooore energy, I am more calm, more relaxed and I can say that this is already a lifestyle. At that time, I could not understand that this is a long process and the results are not immediately visible, especially when you are desperate and wait to see them, but I decided that she was the only doctor who could give me an explanation so far, who helped me in different situations, including when I had a Covid, and if I look back, the efforts made so far are not in vain, they are worthy. Doctor Stoica is a sort of Dr. House and she is very committed to her profession, I write this testimonial with all my sincerity, and I hope that the doctor will help as many people as possible! I am sincerely surprised that nowadays medicine treats every organ differently and does not assess the patient as a whole. In order to have results for chronic issues (what I realized later), you need to change your lifestyle completely. From food, physical exercise, personal and professional relations, and not just a “diet”.

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Ana Maria Stoica MD Functional Medicine

Dr. Ana Maria Stoica

Health is vital. A diet lacking nutrients might be the trigger of several health conditions that are often considered to be normal. By really understanding the process and guided by a medical doctor, it is possible to slightly change the diet and have a profound effect on health and general well-being.

I am addressing people who want to improve or change their lifestyle in order to achieve and maintain an optimal health on long-term. People are unique, therefore the approach of each patient is individualized.

I look forward to meeting you!

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