In addition to specific tests, patient testing includes the bioimpedance assessment using the body composition analyzer, InBody and the pletismography using Max Pulse testing.

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Dr. Ana Maria Stoica Medicina Functionala InBody

InBody Analyzer

InBody is a body composition analyzer. Using impedance, InBody measures the body on segments and is based on a unique body composition analysis technology that does not lead to empirical estimates such as gender or age.

Standard measurements include:

Basal Metabolic Rate

Body weight is the sum of Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, and Body Fat Mass.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Understand how many calories an individual naturally burns at rest.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

Make the connection between Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass.

BMI and PBF analysis

BMI is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight. PBF is the percentage of body fat compared to body weight.

Segmental Lean Analysis

Analyze to evaluate if the muscles are adequately developed in the body segments. This shows the muscle mass status compared to the ideal weight and the muscle mass status compared to the current weight.

Segmental Fat Analysis

Evaluate whether the amount of fat is adequately distributed in segments of the body. The fat mass is shown in comparison to the ideal amount.

Cost InBody test: 50 Eur

Dr. Ana Maria Stoica Medicina Functionala Max Pulse

Max Pulse Testing

Max Pulse testing offers a detailed analysis of arterial health, along with a separate report containing a detailed analysis of the autonomic nervous system and stress/fatigue levels.

The test is very helpful to assess the Effectiveness of Functional Medicine Treatment.

The test includes:

Cost Max Pulse screening: 50 Eur

Dr. Ana Maria Stoica Medicina Functionala

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