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Ana Maria Stoica MD Functional Medicine
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Health is a journey

Having a special interest in prevention and healthy lifestyle, I have never stopped learning about the human body and how it interferes with all environmental factors.

Health is vital

A diet lacking nutrients might be the trigger of several health conditions that are often considered to be normal. By really understanding the process and guided by a medical doctor, it is possible to slightly change the diet and have a profound effect on health and general well-being.


My activity is based on the principle that a person should be treated as a whole, not just assessed according to a set of symptoms. Understanding how different processes interact in the human body - detox, hormonal and neurotransmitter regulation, the function of the immune system, inflammatory responses, psychological processes and energy production -as well as the impact of these processes on health, is extremely important.


Without giving credit to alimentary diets, I believe that every person can easily adapt to a healthy lifestyle that requires healthy food, constant physical activity and stress management.

Professional experience

I have been a Family Medicine specialist since 2013, Endocrinology specialist since 2019, and certified practitioner in Functional Medicine by the USA Institute of Functional Medicine since 2015. Besides my knowledge of allopathic medicine, I have studied and completed specialization courses in nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and functional medicine.


I am addressing people who want to improve or change their lifestyle in order to achieve and maintain an optimal health on long-term. People are unique, therefore the approach of each patient is individualized.

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What patients say

The success of the partnership between the patient and the functional medical specialist is based on the constant feedback from the patient

I started the functional medicine program more than 1 year ago and it helped me a lot to understand how my body works, what it needs to be healed and the fact that the mind-body connection is a bidirectional link. If I always thought I knew what I was eating and that my lifestyle was normal, as soon as I started the food journaling with doctor Stoica, I had the surprise to see that a series of symptoms had entered in a so-called “normality” for years. Alexandra A., 33 y.o.

The first meeting is very complex and may take a few hours because the doctor needs to know the entire history of the patient. From the age of 0 to present. This includes the medicines taken during the first 3 years of life, the events with emotional impact, the other medical cases in the family and many other questions.

Based on this study and the results of a set of specific and complex tests, we started the customized protocol (food supplements and diet). The doctor closely followed my food journal and always made “real time” adjustments, depending on the symptoms I had. Therefore, the doctor-patient relationship becomes a co-operative, because the doctor’s aim is that the protocol should always be adapted and respond as concisely as possible to my needs. In addition, the patience and support that I received throughout this process were very important for me. For no decision was taken suddenly, but only taking into account all aspects of the patient’s life – emotional, economic, mental etc.

Ȋn baza acestui studiu şi a rezultatelor unui set de analize complexe specifice, am început protocolul personalizat (suplimente şi dietă alimentară). Doamna doctor a urmărit îndeaproape food journal-ul meu şi a făcut mereu ajustări “în timp real”, în funcție de simptomele pe care le aveam. Prin urmare, relația medic-pacient devine una, aş putea spune, de colaborare, întrucât scopul doamnei doctor este ca protocolul să fie mereu adaptat şi să răspundă cât mai concis nevoilor mele. Ȋn plus, răbdarea şi susținerea pe care le-am primit în tot acest proces, au fost foarte importante pentru mine. Deoarece nicio decizie nu se ia brusc, ci doar ținând cont de toate aspectele din viață pacientului – emoțional, economic, mental şamd.

I have been following this program for more than six months and I can say that I am another person. I have lost 7 kg, I sleep very well, I get up in good condition and full of energy, I no more have high heart rhythm and blood pressure, and most importantly I don't feel sick after I eat. I can only thank the doctor for her patience, understanding and dedication, and for her desire to help people to get well. Alexandria A., 74 y.o.

I arrived at doctor Stoica after several attempts to find the cause of my problems. I had gained a lot of weight, I was always tired, without energy, with a flu that had become almost chronic, but, above all, I did not know what to eat because it seemed that any food gave me that uncomfortable symptoms. In addition, I had heart rhythm disorders and high blood pressure. Finally, my daughter-in-law told me she had learned about doctor Stoica, so I decided to try and it was so good that I did. She was very kind, she talked to me for three hours, and then she recommended me about 30 types of tests. Based on the results, she personalized my diet including certain foods, but also removing other foods. Food must be weighed and meals must be served at least five hours apart. I followed the instructions exactly, writing on paper everything I ate and, at the end of the day, what symptoms I had. I sent all these remarks to the doctor every week and, based on them, she adjusted the menu.

Dr. Ana Maria Stoica Medicina Functionala

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